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Lonnie and Robin Reynolds are a couple that found themselves homeless after they both lost their jobs and weren't able to afford their rent. They had been living on the streets of Fort Worth for about 6 months when they met James Buckley who was head of the homeless outreach ministry at my church. Lonnie had a prosthetic leg and had been using a shoestring and bicycle parts to keep it together so he could still get around. He is a very active person and has to haul water, firewood and collect cans every day to keep up their camp.

Since that time Lonnie's wife Robin has been accepted into Nursing School, paid in full by the state, and will start in August. Along with the schooling they will get an apartment. Lonnie is still looking for work and staying very active.

One Sunday morning, while serving as a door greeter at my church, I overheard a few guys talking about Lonnie and how he wasn't able to attend church or get around very good because he was having problems with his prosthetic leg. I interrupted their conversation and started asking questions. I mentioned that I had a friend from high school that made prosthesis for a living and had his own office. I had just seen him at church a few months before this and I could contact him and see if he could give advice or help Lonnie out in any way. God had me at the right place at the right time.


I contacted my friend Mikeal Beck and he said he could look into seeing what he could do to help. Mike asked if I could get him some pictures so he could have an idea on what needed to be done. After I got the pictures to Mikeal he reviewed them and told me he would need to see Lonnie in his office. I explained to Mike that Lonnie was homeless and didn't have money or insurance. My husband Darren and I were able to take Lonnie and Robin to several office appointments with Mikeal. Mikeal didn't just fix Lonnie's old leg, he fitted Lonnie with a new and improved prosthetic leg. At Lonnie's last appointment where he received his new leg - the smile on his face was so big. He ran around the parking lot and expressed how nice his new leg was and that it was so much more than he could ever imagine. Lonnie had been told many times before that he would get help with his leg and it never happened. This time it happened.

Mikeal was a real blessing to Lonnie and all who have heard Lonnie's testimony. He never asked for payment and never treated us like a charity case.

God Bless,
Shelly King

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